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WizardCast Episode #1

amp;Hello my fellow members of HogwartsLive, it is my great pleasure to announce the first episode of the official Podcast of Wizards.Pro and, WizardCast Episode #1 Is here!amp;

For those of you who don't know what a podcast is, it is an internet radio show. In the...

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Do not share the passwords or clues

Ok, once again, do not share the passwords or clues from the podcast with anyone, if they want the clues they need to listen to the podcast themselves. If it is found out that you have shared the passwords or clue, the prize you received from the clues will be taken away from you and you will also...

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Subscribe to WizardCast

Ok, I'm sure you are tired of hearing about WizardCast, the official podcast of Hogwarts Live, but I had to post this additional message. WizardCast has now been approved for placement in the iTunes music store, so if you have iTunes, you can now subscribe to WizardCast and...

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Live Chatting has Arrived!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and invited transgendered guests, Edmund's Alchemy Lab in Devon is pleased to officially announce the release of the Live Chat Module!

Live chat has been a long time coming, it allows you to chat without having to refresh the page.

118 of you managed to...

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Donator Points, Email, & Reset

This is just a quick reminder, please note that all of your donator points will be completely refunded as unspent donator points (with a little extras) after the upcoming reset. Those of you who have a valid Email Address filled out under Preferences will receive instructions on how to...

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WizardCast Episode 2

Ok the information about WizardCast Episode 2 was lost in the various rollbacks, so here it is again.

WizardCast Episode 2 is on the air, finally!

If you have itunes, Subscribe!

If you do not have iTunes, you can download Episode 2 of WizardCast and play it with any MP3 Player. If you want to...

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WizardCast Episode 3

The time has come once again to release WizardCast, and WizardCast Episode 3 is our longest yet (and most likely will be the longest forever. Download Episode 3 today.

Episode 3 has 2 awesome announcements, a good long discussion on theories on what will be in Harry Potter and the Deathly...

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Trailer

A new US Trailer of OOtP was released on Yahoo this morning including tons of content not previously seen (even not seen in the International Trailer put out on YouTube last week)

Here is the trailer, Enjoy everyone.

This would be a good time to mention that the Wizards.FM staff is still...

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Wizards.FM looks through the looking glass and finds... a stuffed animal?

The Second podcast on Wizards.FM, the Wizard's Webcast Network has officially launched. The Looking Glass, featuring Nicholas and Barbara Moline is a Science Fiction and Fantasy Movie review Podcast. On our first episode, we review, New Line Cinema's "The Last Mimzy".


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The Looking Glass - Episode 2 and two Alchemy Lab Prizes

The Looking Glass Episode 2 is now up and ready for download and your listening pleasure, and this time the Wizards.FM Panel has reviewed "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" ("but wait" you say, "Doesn't that movie not come out until Wednesday?") why you...

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