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Dedicated Server

Please accept my deepest apologies for the site being down for the greater part of February 1, 2005. It was down because the data from the old server was being transferred to the new one and that is a very timely process when you are dealing with gigabytes of information. Anyway, everything is up...

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Database Transfered!!!!

Fortunately, I have finally transferred the Hogwarts Live database to the new server! What does this mean? Well for one you should experience A LOT LESS downtime, that means this site SHOULD be up most all of the time!

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HL needs a new dedicated server!

We are going to be purchasing another dedicated server to speed up Hogwarts Live. Currently I am looking at two options. The first is to get a really powerful machine for a similar price as the current one. The second is to get another server similar to this one and use it to store the databases...

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New Server Purchase!!!

Okay, I'm settled down now at my apartment in a suburb of San Francisco, California that shall remain unnamed. I still don't have a computer, Internet access (I'm at school), a cell phone, or a car for that matter so bare with me. I will try and get the new server by the second...

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New Server Purchased

I just purchased the new server.
It currently has these specs:

AMD Anthlon Processor
80 GB Disk space
1 GB of RAM
2 TB Monthly Transfer (Bandwidth)

The transfer will be initiated later on today.

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Vacation Time & Sincere Thanks!

I will be offline from Saturday, June 17th till Tuesday, June 29th due to longstanding plans to visit Haifa, Israel. Also, I will have limited access to the Internet from then till June 6th or 7th. This means I most presumably will not be able to answer your owls for that time period. Thank you...

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Server Rollback and Safe Return from the Middle East

Hey everyone, I'm happy to announce that I had a wonderful trip, and that I'm now back safe and sound at my parents house in New Mexico. Today, I have finished setting up of all our Network Sites and channels. Unfortunately, because of this you may have experience a slight...

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Happy Easter, Donation Drive - Win Fabulous Prizes!

Some of you may have experienced serious lag time during our peak hours of gameplay.

To answer the problems of the current server we use at HogwartsLive, we have pooled together and purchased a fantastic new server which will be up this coming week.

Due to our need for this faster server to...

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Server problems

we've had a major database crash. We've had to roll back all data 30 hours, as it was the last fully successful back up. All backups after that point have had something wrong with them. Edmund was able to save the user and stats information from a later backup about 14 hours ago. So he...

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Hogwarts Live is Back!

Hogwarts Live is back after its first unplanned outage in over a year. There's still some work to be done so if the site runs slower than usual or something to that effect don't worry as it'll only be temporary.

Everyone, thanks for your patience!

Update: We had to roll back the...

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