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In honor of the DVD Release

Ok, by now I'm sure a lot of you are wondering why I've pretty much spent the last 24 hours straight coding for HogwartsLive. I felt that in honor of the DVD Release of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this week, I felt it was time to put some grunt work in on HogwartsLive for some...

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Dwellings vs. Estates

Which do you prefer the new dwellings system or the old estates system? Mind you we will never allow you to hide from PvP in your houses again, that's just stupid.

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It Happened Again

All User Preferences were reset again. This includes Friends, Squires, Pets, Alignment, Charm Display, Player Kills, the ability to reset PvP opt out option until after your next ve, Default Commentary Colors and possibly other assorted small things that I can't remember right now. EDIT:...

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HP has been removed from Cedrik and you can no longer buy or have extra hp. Have a nice day!

HOWEVER, Edmund has reset everyone's hp and reset everyone's ve points so they can be reallocated. He has also done this really neat mathematical equation so everyone actually has better...

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Changes Regarding HP

I guess there has been some confusion about some things regarding the HP in the game. First off I had asked Edmund to reset the HP, we're trying to balance the game here. This means that I approved all these changes, and I think they are good ideas, they make the game more balance and give...

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PvP, Alignment and the House Cup- What You Need to Know *UPDATED*

PvP and its affect on the House Cup AND Alignment has been changed. It now costs your House AND other Houses points. Here are the highlights:


- If you kill ANY person in PvP, you GAIN 3 points.
- If the person you kill is in another House, you gain 2 EXTRA...

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Several players have reported getting stuck in a bad nav in the Dueling Club. I was able to use all of mine with no problem, but until Edmund can get on and do his magic, please be aware that you may get stuck as well. So in other words, USE PVP AT YOUR OWN RISK for the time being. In...

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There is NOTHING wrong with it. Do NOT petition, do NOT complain in chats, do NOT OWL/IM staff.

I realize that you are all used to having everyone put back in after the maintenance boots, but that was not their intent and there was no way to avoid it. Since the boots have been disabled, PvP is...

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Christmas Presents- Opening Time Extended

As an early Christmas present for you all, Danilo has edited the Gift Shop module to extend the amount of time that presents can be opened!

I believe that it is extended for 6 days to allow presents to be opened through New Year's Eve (Dec. 31) since so many of you requested that day to end...

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