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Nominations have been closed.

All nominations have been closed, below appear the names that have passed the initial screening in alphabetical order:

1 Andy
2 AnEnglishGem
3 AngrielleAlthore
4 Asgarnia
5 AurorJen
6 BillieJoeIsCool
7 BlackHawk
8 Bugg
9 CanineDrillInstructor
10 Chicacha
11 Chirron
12 Christianna
13 Darkmaster

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Congratulations to the new staffers!

Here are your new staffers, please treat them with respect, as I'm sure they will treat you.

1 Andy
2 AurorJen
3 Christianna
4 Doxy
5 EragonShadeslayer
6 Fimblebottom
7 Ginny
8 hbprince
9 Rei
10 SerenityRose
11 ShadowMasterX
12 Witchywoman

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Server Outage Over and Announcement

First of all, I've just fixed the site as it seems that it was down for several hours today. I will be getting the new faster server operational this week, it should drastically reduce the liklihood of this happening again in the future.

In other, happier news, I wanted to take this...

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Edmund and SerenityRose

This afternoon in a small but very lovely ceremony Barbara Garcia (SerenityRose) and Nicholas Moline (Edmund aka Me) were married. It was a very nice ceremony and we send sincere thanks to everyone who commented on, we love receiving those wishes!

We are now about to go on our...

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Interview with AuroraBorealis

We will be recording the interview with Aurora the evening of Sept. 2nd. If you have any Questions for her you must get them to me Before 5pm CDT on Sept. 2nd.

Also, we are having problems with Skype, so please do not try to send in voicemails there, if you would like to send in a voicemail for...

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Live Chatting has Arrived!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and invited transgendered guests, Edmund's Alchemy Lab in Devon is pleased to officially announce the release of the Live Chat Module!

Live chat has been a long time coming, it allows you to chat without having to refresh the page.

118 of you managed to...

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The Looking Glass - Episode 2 and two Alchemy Lab Prizes

The Looking Glass Episode 2 is now up and ready for download and your listening pleasure, and this time the Wizards.FM Panel has reviewed "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" ("but wait" you say, "Doesn't that movie not come out until Wednesday?") why you...

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Voice your Opinion and be Heard!

Tomorrow the Wizards.FM panel will sit down and record a discussion about Deathly Hallows, what we liked, what we didn't like, what we are still confused about, a general conversation about Deathly Hallows and we want your help!

Email your opinions and reviews of Deathly Hallows to...

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