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Reset Hitpoints

I've decided to reset the hitpoints and reward you all two gems in exchange for each hitpoint. This decision is based on a majority consensus on the poll and in the forums. Thank you for understanding.

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Purchased Max HP Problem

Hello everyone, I am sorry to announce that due to a glitch the record of all purchased maximum hp from Cedric in the Hog's Head has vanished. There is not an easy way to get them back, so after your next VE your max hp may reset back down to the maximum you had from other means...

To help...

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There is no bug with Cedric

Ok, stop reporting bugs with Cedric, people have continually found ways around the hp cap with cedric and so therefore the new limitation has been put in place, Cedric will no longer sell you more max hit points then you are allowed to have, you are allowed to have 45 max hit points PER VE you...

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Inn Logout fixed

I have fixed the bug with logging out at the inn, because of this glitch cedric's potion sale will continue through Sunday Night to help anyone who has lost hitpoints because of this glitch.

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