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The New Deputies... and more.

In case you haven't already noticed, yesterday, I updated the Deputy Nomination thread with the people who we've picked to have a chance to become a deputy. Now we have come to a decision, the new Deputies will be Barrister Titan and God Asmith.
Titan was nominated and Asmith was the...

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Election Time on Hogwarts Live

Hello students of Hogwarts Live its election time at our fair site so go to the forums and cast your vote. The voting is on the staff and a YES or NO by each name is all that is needed. We do not need any commentary on your vote or why you are voting that way. So if you don’t...

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WizardCast Episode #1

amp;Hello my fellow members of HogwartsLive, it is my great pleasure to announce the first episode of the official Podcast of Wizards.Pro and, WizardCast Episode #1 Is here!amp;

For those of you who don't know what a podcast is, it is an internet radio show. In the...

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Live Chatting has Arrived!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and invited transgendered guests, Edmund's Alchemy Lab in Devon is pleased to officially announce the release of the Live Chat Module!

Live chat has been a long time coming, it allows you to chat without having to refresh the page.

118 of you managed to...

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Reminder: First Raffle Ends Sunday

Just a friendly reminder folks, the first of the Candy Raffles will end this Sunday, April 15th (Tax day for us in the US). The Donator Points Galore raffle is a pool raffle to win donator points.

Currently 3,428 tickets have been sold, which means that if the raffle ended right now the winner...

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One Year Anniversary

Most everyone knows that Edmund and I met here and fell in love. Everyone was really supportive of our Real Life Marriage. I think everyone should know that today is the one year mark Edmund and I have been married for one year today. It was all because of Hogwarts Live. Thank you to everyone and...

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Can't we all just get along?!?

We KNOW the server is slow. We KNOW there are a lot of new firsties. Without these new accounts, this site would DIE. I'm SURE all you older players don't want the site to die and the truth of the matter is, when registration was closed, the site was STILL slow. Not AS slow, I know, but...

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Staff List

amp;This is for the new players, for those of you who already know please bear with me. Someone with a & in front of their name is a moderator. Someone with a @ amp;in front of their name is either a Senior Moderator or Junior Admin. Someone with a !amp; in front of their...

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The site is still experiencing problems. We are aware of it and are trying to correct them. While most people can log into the site, once they are in, they get a call stack error and are stuck. Petitioning to fix navs will not work as Staff is stuck too (and the fact that its not a navs issue...

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Edmund says...

-says, "I'm removing less important modules until after the upgrade is done"
- :says, "Several of the secondary cities have been removed"
- :says, "As have a few of the simple stat bar things like display of charm and new day guages"
- :says, "New Days...

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