The Looking Glass - Episode 2 and two Alchemy Lab Prizes

The Looking Glass Episode 2 is now up and ready for download and your listening pleasure, and this time the Wizards.FM Panel has reviewed "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" ("but wait" you say, "Doesn't that movie not come out until Wednesday?") why you are right, it does, but Barbara (SerenityRose), Mike, and myself from the Wizards.FM panel got to see it on June 28th in Sacramento at an Advanced Screening.

We talk for an hour and 40 minutes about the latest installment of the Movie Series and we'd love for you to hear what we talked about.

Also, this special event was too big for one Alchemy Lab prize, so today we have two prizes for listening to the show. Listen to the show and follow the clues and get 5000 bertie botts every flavour beans.

Also, in the podcast I mention a way that you can get a bonus prize of even more beans, just see the movie for yourself and then return to the place where you find the portkey to answer a bonus question that can only be answered after seeing the movie AND listening to the podcast.

Enjoy your Alchemy Lab prizes but remember to act fast, on Wednesday when the movie comes out the first prize will drop from 5000 beans to 2000 beans, and the second prize will drop from 2000 beans to 1000 beans when the movie has been out for a week.

Also, if you are in, or can be in the San Francisco area on July 20th, be sure to join the Wizards.FM team at the Books Inc Laurel Village in San Francisco for a live recording of WizardCast. For more details visit

And now without further ado, Download The Looking Glass - Episode 2 - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix or if you want to get your chances of getting into the Alchemy Lab early in the future, Subscribe to Wizards.FM in iTunes or your favorite Podcast Feedreader.

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