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Old Account Purges

In an effort to speed up the website over all, we are now enforcing rules on how often you must sign in.

I have just completed purging all accounts that are first year (never killed Voldemort) and haven't signed on to the site in over 50 days. The reasoning behind this is that if you sign...

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Attention Clan Owners

I have just written and installed a brand new module for Clan Owners. Tired of manually stipending your users when they get a VE? Inside your clan you will now find a link to "Automatic Reward Setup", from here you can set amounts that you would like to be stipended to your users every...

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10 VE Gym Cap and HP Reset

We will be resetting everyone's Hit Points next week, you will receive gems in exchange for them. Also, Edmund has implemented a cap on gym use after 10 Voldemort Encounters. This is in an effort to make the game more fair and overall more enjoyable. Thanks for understanding.

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Final Nominations

These are the nominees who have past phase 1 of the screening process. If your name is listed below and you are willing to accept the responsibilities of a staffer, please owl me (the text of the owl can be a simple "YES"). These responsibilities are roughly outlined in the Code...

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Movie Special on A&E

Harry Potter: The Hidden Secrets

Rated: TVPG
Running Time: 60 Minutes
Closed Captions: Yes

Upcoming Airings:
Sunday, July 08 @ 10pm/9C
Monday, July 09 @ 2am/1C
Thursday, July 12 @ 11pm/10C
Friday, July 13 @ 3am/2C
Saturday, July 14 @ 2pm/1C
Sunday, July 15 @ 3pm/2C

This one-hour special...

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