Live Chatting has Arrived!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and invited transgendered guests, Edmund's Alchemy Lab in Devon is pleased to officially announce the release of the Live Chat Module!

Live chat has been a long time coming, it allows you to chat without having to refresh the page.

118 of you managed to find your way to my lab in Devon over the last few weeks and activate this module in Beta mode thanks to 4 clues hidden in WizardCast Episode #1

For those of you who couldn't get the episode, here were the clues (note don't bother trying them now, they no longer work, the portkey is no longer located in Trelawney's Orb):

1) Danilo lost his portkey, he asked people to consult a seer to see if the seer could help you find the portkey. -> Translation: The portkey was located at Trelawney's Orb.

2) Danilo's portkey could only be activated with a password. This password (given to you by Mike) was "Question" (without the quotes).

3) The portkey led to Devon, a place you can only reach by means of that portkey. In Devon was located Edmund's Alchemy Lab. My clue was that the item in my lab that you should ask for when you found my lab was "Live Chat".

4) In order to get the Live Chat, you needed one more password, my lovely wife SerenityRose gave the password in the podcast "Chatter" (again without the quotes).

This module, which I will explain briefly in Episode 2 of WizardCast, allows you to chat without refreshing, it greatly increases the speed of the chat in the site and reduces strain on the server while giving you a more dynamic interactive experience.

Many of you who have activated the Live Chat Module have noticed bugs here and there. I will note that while sometimes the four clues will give you a special bonus, when the clues lead to being a beta tester of a new feature you will get to try the feature before anyone else but in exchange I ask you to tell me if you find any bugs. Several of the beta testers of the live chat module did in fact inform me of bugs, which should for the most part be fixed now.

For those of you who did not get the WizardCast clues and use them, fear not, the clues just gave people an advanced sneak peak. All users now have the Live Chat system enabled on their accounts. If for whatever reason (most common reason being you are blind and are using a screen reader that is incompatible with the live chat) you wish to turn the Live Chat off on your account, simply go to your Preferences and turn it off. Chat will continue to work for you as it always has if you choose this option.

I hope all of you enjoyed WizardCast episode #1 and stay tuned for WizardCast episode #2 coming very soon. If you haven't already, be sure to scroll down here in the MoTD and find the link to subscribe to WizardCast via iTunes. As a special bonus to iTunes subscribers, WizardCast Episode 2 will be available to iTunes subscribers a whole 24 hours before showing up here in the MoTD.

Also be sure to check out The Official WizardCast Website
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StevenBlack • Monday, May 27, 2013 - 9:36am • #1

I have no idea how to chat in this game!!

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