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House Cup System- amp;New Info

Yay for Edmund and his hard work on our newest module! And not just a simple little forest event or new shop...but basically a whole new system here on HL. The House Cup system!!! As huge as this module is, it is still not quite done and we have even more to look forward to so be sure to...

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PvP, Alignment and the House Cup- What You Need to Know *UPDATED*

PvP and its affect on the House Cup AND Alignment has been changed. It now costs your House AND other Houses points. Here are the highlights:


- If you kill ANY person in PvP, you GAIN 3 points.
- If the person you kill is in another House, you gain 2 EXTRA...

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Award/Penalize House Points and PvP

Unless you are Staff or a Prefect DO NOT use these options in bios. And the same warning that was in the previous MoTD that apparently was ignored, you WILL get a 3 day ban for it. This will be fixed just give it time.

ADDED: PvP is not broken. This is how the original code is designed-...

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As I understand it the House Cup needs awarding...

And the points stand thus:

In fourth place, with 52 points, Slytherin House.
In third place, with 81 points, Gryffindor House.
In second place, with 88 points, Ravenclaw House.
In first place, with 97 points, Hufflepuff House.

Congratulations to Hufflepuff, the House Cup...

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