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Dedicated Server

Please accept my deepest apologies for the site being down for the greater part of February 1, 2005. It was down because the data from the old server was being transferred to the new one and that is a very timely process when you are dealing with gigabytes of information. Anyway, everything is up...

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US Harry Released! is now available for public viewing. It is not finished so I need all the input and suggestions I can get!

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Database Errors

I know I said there shouldn't be anymore database connection errors but this one was not caused by something else. The problem is still unfixed, though I can easily bring back the game I still do not know what SPECIFICALLY is causing the database to crash. Yup it crashed and then shut me out...

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Lost. Not exactly sure why though.

Well, I didn't place in the competition. I was pretty disappointed but oh well; I'm trying to win a scholarship right now. The scholarship is a lot more important. I'm saddened to say that the judges at the national competition did not understand what I was talking about and they...

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I just won a nice scholarship!

The Art Institute of California - San Francisco just awarded me a sizeable scholarship for this website I entered:

This means I am definitely going to be moving.

I'm very happy and excited right now!

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Welcome to the new server

Welcome everyone to the new and improved server. HogwartsLive and has been successfully moved to it's new home. We may still have more upgrades to come in the upcoming weeks to get it fully functional, but the server transfer itself is now complete.

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Sending in multiple owls/petitions.

Please do not send administrators more than one owl until they respond to your question. It is quite annoying to receive more than one owl in a row from the same person in succession. I'm sure the moderators do not wish to be pestered either. Also, please only send out one petition; even if...

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There is some volunteer work available over at the Harry Potter channel of (formerly, please let me know if any of you are interested in any of the jobs listed on the site below:

These are not Hogwarts Live staff positions,...

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There were some crazy security vulnerabilities on the Network, I've made some updates and necessary bug fixes to the sites. You should not longer see the slew of PHP warning/error messages that were previously there. Also, if you create a new account you will have to have a minimum...

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