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Server Transfer

The new server will be brought online this evening. It is considerably more powerful then the current server and will be a dramatic increase in how much load HL can have at any given point in time.

Unfortunately, although the transfer will only take a few minutes tonight, the DNS Change may...

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PDA, Innuendos, and Fighting.

It seems that lately we have become very lack on the rule of PDA and innuendos. These rules that are normally ignored will not be anymore. No more of what has been happening will happen in public chat any longer. If you feel the need to do this then please stick to owls or ims. Because when you...

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Site Lag and Some Warnings

I'm working on something that may potentially speed up the site right now on the code side of things, so please don't lose heart. You can expect it in a week or two depending on my schedule. On the hardware side I'll be purchasing an extra hardrive, if this speeds things up I'll...

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Internet Safety/Online Relationships

We have a few rules here on HL that are there to protect our younger players from being preyed upon by our older ones. However, it really is up to YOU as a player to ensure that you stay safe and free from harm.

Personal Info. PLEASE do not give out your personal info such as home address,...

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