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Subscribe to WizardCast

Ok, I'm sure you are tired of hearing about WizardCast, the official podcast of Hogwarts Live, but I had to post this additional message. WizardCast has now been approved for placement in the iTunes music store, so if you have iTunes, you can now subscribe to WizardCast and...

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Live Chatting has Arrived!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and invited transgendered guests, Edmund's Alchemy Lab in Devon is pleased to officially announce the release of the Live Chat Module!

Live chat has been a long time coming, it allows you to chat without having to refresh the page.

118 of you managed to...

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On Beans and Answers

Well 50 people have now made it into the Alchemy Lab other then the original people who got there before I released the MoTD.

The people who got to my lab before the MoTD got 2000 beans, the first 50 people who got to my lab after the MoTD was released got 1000 beans each. The alchemy lab is...

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Ottery St. Catchpole: Spoiler Village

Because the seventh and final Harry Potter book was just released, we know a lot of people will want to talk about it. As you can see from the previous MoTD, if you talk about the book or movie or any spoiler in a public chat, you will be muted and/or banned.

To avoid this, we have created a...

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Partial Data Reset and Last Call

Before we get a bunch of petitions complaining, we have partially reset the module_userprefs table again, this time on purpose and with some exceptions.

Your alignment, fairydragons, horcruxes, phoenixes, and bertie botts beans should be intact, other settings that use the module_userprefs table...

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Personal Attacks

It has come to our attention that personal attacks are getting out of hand lately. This MoTD is a warning to EVERYONE, you will only get one other warning before you get muted for personal attacks. A reminder of what personal attacks are (taken from the Rules):
Taunting opponents is fine as...

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What the heck happened to the Daily Prophet (MoTD)?

What you once knew as the Daily Prophet and before that the MoTD has now become the Hogwarts Live Blog.

Please note that the Hogwarts Live Blog is currently in Alpha (meaning it's missing a lot of features it should have) so please be sure to petition any bugs you may find. Edit:...

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Deathy Hallows Movie Spoilers

We know probably most people have read the books and know what is going to happen, however the movies do obviously change things. So do not post spoilers to changes they made in the movie in any chat other than Devon or you'll get muted instantly with no warning. There will be a notice...

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