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Myself and a couple other members of the staff will be on vacation this Christmas season. I personally will be absent from December 24 to January 4, but I will probably have chances to get online while I am in California. This is just a warning to let you know that your questions might be answered...

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Spring Break Vacation

I will be gone from March 30 to April 4 because I am going up to Northern Utah to see some friends of mine. I will also be taking today and tomorrow (March 29) off because I need to finish all my assignments for school before I leave. Sorry, in advance if this proves to be an inconvenience for...

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Another Vacation

I will be in California from June 16-22. I will only have Internet access for the days that I am in Los Angeles (19-22). Please be patient because problems may take longer for me to resolve than normal.

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Vacation Time & Sincere Thanks!

I will be offline from Saturday, June 17th till Tuesday, June 29th due to longstanding plans to visit Haifa, Israel. Also, I will have limited access to the Internet from then till June 6th or 7th. This means I most presumably will not be able to answer your owls for that time period. Thank you...

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Server Rollback and Safe Return from the Middle East

Hey everyone, I'm happy to announce that I had a wonderful trip, and that I'm now back safe and sound at my parents house in New Mexico. Today, I have finished setting up of all our Network Sites and channels. Unfortunately, because of this you may have experience a slight...

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On Vacation

I will be in the Philippines from June 17 - July 8. I will most likely be very difficult to reach during this time period, meaning any issues I usually handle will either be taken care of by someone else or put on hold until my return.

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