Donator Points, Email, & Reset

This is just a quick reminder, please note that all of your donator points will be completely refunded as unspent donator points (with a little extras) after the upcoming reset. Those of you who have a valid Email Address filled out under Preferences will receive instructions on how to claim/reserve your current (old) account (username & password) approximately two weeks before the release of the new version of Hogwarts Live. Old users who reserve their account using this method will receive some small bonuses. I will post a similar notice periodically and then more frequently as the reset date nears. One last change to note is that in order to create an account on the new version we will require you to first register an account on due to the fact that's services - such as our forums on - will be better integrated with HL. Your username and password should be the same on both sites. Edmund and I are still brainstorming ways to simplify the registration process, so this method is subject to change slightly. We will try keep everyone updated on the upcoming changes via WizardCast. Edmund will be doing the gist of the programming for this new version and it really is up to him to set a release date, stop asking it should be in Episode III of the podcast.

Again, I thank you all for your continued patience and support; I appreciate your dedication to the success of this community and hope to find all of you enjoying the game ten fold or even more after this upgrade takes place.

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