WizardCast Episode 2

Ok the information about WizardCast Episode 2 was lost in the various rollbacks, so here it is again.

WizardCast Episode 2 is on the air, finally!

If you have itunes, Subscribe! View in iTunes

If you do not have iTunes, you can download Episode 2 of WizardCast and play it with any MP3 Player. If you want to stream the download, or to find out more about WizardCast, visit WizardCast.Wizards.Pro, the official website of WizardCast. There you will be able to listen to all episodes of WizardCast using our web based player. Also, while you are on the WizardCast website, be sure to click on our Listener Survey. If you take our survey you we may be able to get sponsors of our podcast which will help us pay for the costs involved in getting the podcast out to you.

When you've finished listening to WizardCast Episode 2, you will have all you need to find your way into my lab in Devon (not to mention find your way TO Devon) to get your special prize.

Note to everyone, do NOT tell people how to get the prize, they need to find it on their own.

Also, get your voicemails in now, if you have Google Talk, you can send a GoogleTalk voicemail to , you can also just record your voice on your computer and email it to

Get your voicemails in now because we are planning on recording parts of Episode 3 this weekend (so that it doesn't take 3 months to come out).

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