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My Apologies

Again, I'd like to apologize for the continued problems regarding accessing the game and loss of character data. I'll try to keep closer tabs on the site to make sure it doesn't go down for as long as it did the other day. Thanks for everyone's consideration, hopefully the...

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Congratulations Raffle Winners!

The following people have each won 20,000 points via the Candy Raffle:

Fourthyeargirl Watsonne (Ticket 4484)
Goddess DarkFairyNenI (Ticket 3565)
!TehMostLurvely WitchyWoman (Ticket 131)
King Tom (Ticket 5288)
Archtitaness Sweetdemon (Ticket 6031)
Overlord LeoWyatt (Ticket 4838)
Isian Priestess...

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Happy Birthday Edmund!

I'd like to take this time to wish Alchemist Edmund (Nick) a very Happy Birthday! Please don't forget to thank him for all the hard work he does for the site (like keeping it alive, fixing it when it's dead, etc.). :)

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Preventative shutdown tonight

The worst crashes all appear to happen at night (I know the crashes during the day seem very bad, but the crashes at night usually require someone at the colocation facility to physically restart the machine, very bad), as such we will be shutting down the site tonight and leaving it off overnight....

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Sometimes we have to slow down in order to speed up

I've removed all accelerator functionality from the php installation in hopes that if the server itself isn't running quite so fast it won't crash as often until I can fix a permanent solution. I shall be spending my birthday weekend (happy birthday to me) this weekend trying to...

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Deleted Accounts

I will restore what I can of deleted accounts on Sunday, so please bear with us until then. Thank you for your continued patience.

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It Happened Again

All User Preferences were reset again. This includes Friends, Squires, Pets, Alignment, Charm Display, Player Kills, the ability to reset PvP opt out option until after your next ve, Default Commentary Colors and possibly other assorted small things that I can't remember right now. EDIT:...

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Staff List

amp;This is for the new players, for those of you who already know please bear with me. Someone with a & in front of their name is a moderator. Someone with a @ amp;in front of their name is either a Senior Moderator or Junior Admin. Someone with a !amp; in front of their...

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Donator Points!
Beans per Ticket: 20
A lot of people have lost things they have purchased with donator points in the recent server crashes, here is a way to get some donator points back, enter the latest donator points raffle. 10 lucky winners will each win donator points equal to 10 times the...

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Special Pets

For those had a Black Cat or a Killer Bunny as pets, we have put them back in the pet shop for one (1) week. They will return to their Special Pet status on Monday, August 13 and will no longer be available for purchase.

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Wow what a weekend

Welcome back HogwartsLive, I am deeply sorry that it took me all weekend to get it working again after the last crash, but I actually was not aware it had broken again until Sunday as I was away from my computer friday night and all of Saturday.

Suffusive to say there was another database crash...

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Why do we fall? So we can pick ourselves up again.

There was a massive data crash through the weekend and into yesterday that significantly damaged the module user preferences table of the database, the problem goes back for weeks actually and the only way to safely get the lost data back is to backtrack the entire site back 2 weeks.

The table...

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