Wow what a weekend

Welcome back HogwartsLive, I am deeply sorry that it took me all weekend to get it working again after the last crash, but I actually was not aware it had broken again until Sunday as I was away from my computer friday night and all of Saturday.

Suffusive to say there was another database crash and the backups would not restore cleanly, the backup files had a number of glitches in them and I had to restore it through a series of trial and error. I would attempt to restore, be told there was a problem on a particular line, then open up the backup file in an editor, fix the error on the line, save it, and try to restore it again. I then had to repeat this cycle over and over again until the database would cleanly restore.

I'm sorry again for the outage. I've also manually reinstalled the database engine in hopes that it will make the database server more stable as we've had 2 major crashes and a number of minor ones in the course of a week and a half.

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