Donator Points!
Beans per Ticket: 20
A lot of people have lost things they have purchased with donator points in the recent server crashes, here is a way to get some donator points back, enter the latest donator points raffle. 10 lucky winners will each win donator points equal to 10 times the number of tickets purchased in this raffle up to a maximum of 20,000 donator points. If 1000 tickets are sold, each of the 10 winners will win 10,000 donator points. If 2000 or more tickets are sold, each lucky winner will win 20,000 donator points! So enter now, enter often, and win your donator points!
Raffle Runs From 2007-08-06 to 2007-08-13
There are 6 days, 23 hours, 3 minutes and 56 seconds left to purchase tickets in this raffle.

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