Congratulations Raffle Winners!

The following people have each won 20,000 points via the Candy Raffle:

Fourthyeargirl Watsonne (Ticket 4484)
Goddess DarkFairyNenI (Ticket 3565)
!TehMostLurvely WitchyWoman (Ticket 131)
King Tom (Ticket 5288)
Archtitaness Sweetdemon (Ticket 6031)
Overlord LeoWyatt (Ticket 4838)
Isian Priestess Yaris (Ticket 2147)
KissMeQuick HazelnuttKookie (Ticket 2458)
Fourthyeargirl SHUTURFACEFOREVER (Ticket 7819)
Sorceror Shalak (Ticket 5219)

If your points were not properly added please let me know.

Thanks. ^^

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