Why do we fall? So we can pick ourselves up again.

There was a massive data crash through the weekend and into yesterday that significantly damaged the module user preferences table of the database, the problem goes back for weeks actually and the only way to safely get the lost data back is to backtrack the entire site back 2 weeks.

The table contained ancillary statistics such as alignment, pets (including phoenixes), horcruxes, and some simple stats and does not directly effect your VEs, levels, attack, defense, hitpoints, clans, dwellings, marriages, gold, or gems.

On a side note the table had become quite littered over the years and was the primary reason the site has been running as slow as it is, it was the primary reason that we were planning a data reset, in order to clean that messed up table once and for all and build anew.

As the loss of this data has resulted in a rather significant increase in server speed, AND does not hurt the core stats of any of our users, AND because recovering the data would require hurting the core stats of our users, we are not going to be recovering any this data. We apologize to those of you who were extra proud of those particular stats (particularly those of you who had managed to become either very good or very evil), but we are confident that it is in the best interest of the game and you to keep the game running fast so you can earn those stats back up again.

I have some changes I'll be adding to the live chat system in the next couple of weeks that should also add a significant speed increase to the site as a whole, so I hope to keep things running fast and smooth.

Again we are sorry for the inconvenience at the loss of the data, but we are committed to giving you a fast, enjoyable game.

Please do not ask any of the staff to restore any particular stat for you, they aren't hard to get back, and the journey is half the fun after all.

EDIT: Hp IS affected. It is reset after you ve. As of right now, there is nothing that can be done so you will have to buy it again from Cedrik in the Hogs Head Inn in Hogsmeade. Also affected are Squires (Knights/Warlords), Friends Lists, Player Kills and PvP options. As of right now, you do not have the option to turn PvP off so be sure to deposit your gold somewhere before you log out..or I will kill you and take it, haha. I have 26,000 PKs to get back :P

EDIT: There has been a change concerning hitpoints. Starting now, ANY extra permanent hp that you buy from Cedrik will be taken away after EVERY ve. If you choose to buy extra hp, it will stay with you until you reach level 15 and defeat Voldy, BUT as soon as you get to the New Day Page, it will be GONE. This is a permanent adjustment and will happen EVERY time you ve.

EDIT: The PvP opt out option has been reactivated although you will not be able to opt out until after your next ve.

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