Election Time on Hogwarts Live

Hello students of Hogwarts Live its election time at our fair site so go to the forums and cast your vote. The voting is on the staff and a YES or NO by each name is all that is needed. We do not need any commentary on your vote or why you are voting that way. So if you don’t vote then you have no reason to complain in the future about the staff.

P.S. There is no campaigning, bullying, bribery, or extortion for votes if someone does try to harass you either about your vote or tell you how to vote then please contact either Danilo, Edmund or myself.

Only one VOTE per IP Address we will be checking

P.S.S. Blackmail is also not allowed..(thanks for pointing that one out Jono(biggrin)

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The Misanthropic daggershade • Thursday, January 28, 2010 - 1:23am • #1

How offten is an election taken on this sight?

!Headmaster Danilo • Thursday, January 28, 2010 - 4:47am • #2

We don't do elections anymore. At the time of the first elections I was upset at the players cause they didn't feel it was fair to have to be governed by people they didn't like. So we held elections but there was still a thorough screening process that involved have 30 VEs, never having been perm muted or banned, answering a bunch of questions, explaining what you could bring to the game as a staffer, etc.

It didn't work even with the screening process it was popularity contest and we had a bunch of staff that didn't do anything or abused their power. It wasn't fair to the members I picked myself who actually did their job. Only one of the staffers who was actually elected is still on staff.

So if you ever have a problem with SpinalRemains remember you guys all voted for her =P. I didn't even promote her the first few times it was Witchy. But I'm quite happy with the work she does for the site. She also manages my task/todo list so you can thank her for keeping me up to date with fixing bugs in the game and finishing the code for this blog. Basically, her and Witchy are the only staffers who interact with me on a regular basis.

Of course Spinal also got the most votes by 1.5 times as much as the person behind her who was Hailey and who lasted the second longest from the elections. Some of the staffers who most abused their powers are responsible for shaping some of the current rules both for players and for the staff. It's pretty ironic when someone who comes up with a rule gets banned for breaking it over and over. ^_^

Anyway, there won't be anymore elections ever or new staff for a while. Maybe if a bunch of staff quit or we get so many players that the current staff have trouble, but that's unlikely.

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