Reminder: First Raffle Ends Sunday

Just a friendly reminder folks, the first of the Candy Raffles will end this Sunday, April 15th (Tax day for us in the US). The Donator Points Galore raffle is a pool raffle to win donator points.

Currently 3,428 tickets have been sold, which means that if the raffle ended right now the winner would get 6,856 donator points. This pot will go up as more tickets are purchased, but remember, this raffle ends Sunday, so if you haven't entered the Candy Raffle for Donator Points yet, make your way to the Candy Raffle shop in Hogsmeade, Hogwarts, or Devon.

Also, just 5 days later, the second raffle, for Harry Potter candy and an Alivans wand will end on April 20th. only 148 tickets have been purchased in this raffle so far, so your chances are really good on this one.

Don't have enough Bertie Botts Beans? Don't worry, "The Looking Glass" episode 1 will come out soon, and will include a chance to get some more beans from Edmund's Alchemy Lab!

HogwartsLive would also like to thank you for your generous donations, we are half way to our goal of reimbursing the money Danilo spent on the brand new HogwartsLive server which should be operational this weekend. Keep those donations coming, remember, when we reach the goal another Grand Prize raffle opportunity will open up.

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