Reminder, Meet Me (Edmund), SerenityRose, and Others this Saturday!

Ok, I've done several MoTDs over the months on this, so you had to expect another. Any of you who are going to Azkatraz in San Francisco this coming weekend, be sure to stop by the HogwartsLive Flock meetup this Saturday night at 7 p.m.

Our meetup will be in the Mission II/Mission III room at the Parc55 Hotel (where the Symposium is)

I look forward to seeing you there. Everyone who comes will get an early access code to get into my Alchemy Lab (yes I'm opening Devon and my Lab up once again for more great prizes)

Also, Me and SerenityRose, along with former HLer MikeCrim will be presenting a panel discussion on "Wizarding Physics: Gamp's Law and Beyond" on Monday.

For those of you who can't come, we will be recording a podcast version of this panel after the conference, and it also will have a way to access my secret lab!

Also, we understand that there have been some requests for our annual Harry's Birthday Raffle, we are working on getting something up and I assure you, there will at least be a donator points raffle, hopefully we can come up with something a little cooler though, we'll see.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to WitchyWoman for her wonderful MoTD on my anniversary, and for the owls my wife and I received congratulating us on 3 years of Marriage.

I was deeply moved, and I thank you all. I met Barbara (SerenityRose) right here on HogwartsLive almost 5 years ago now, and I'm happy to say that it is thanks to this place that I am happily married. I will always owe HogwartsLive a debt of gratitude for bringing the love of my life to me.


Stop with the joke petitions. They are stupid and take time away from us that could be used to deal with people who have a real problem that needs to be fixed or a question that needs to be answered.


We are no longer choosing Prefects from each House. We have a new idea to use instead and we will announce it once the module has been completed.

Let's do it again

Let's get the HogwartsLive page it's own vanity url on facebook while we are at it!

The page currently has 81 fans, let's get it to 100 shall we? just go here and click on Become a Fan

We did it!

Bad Navs

If you get stuck in a bad nav, please PETITION and TELL US you are stuck.

Only a certain few of us can fix the bad navs and when you petition, they will get fixed faster. ONE petition is enough to let us know that you are stuck.

Do not get your friends to petition if you are stuck.

Do not owl staffers if you are stuck.

Do not get your friends to owl staffers if you are stuck.

Do not IM staffers if you are stuck.

Do not get your friends to IM staffers if you are stuck.

Once again, PETITION (ONE TIME!!) if you are stuck in a badnav. We will unstick you as soon as we are here to see the petition.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Headmaster: Please stop hitting refresh it doesn't work on this website. Don't hit other shortcut keys while a page is loading; just wait for it to load. Don't click on other links after you've already clicked on something--wait for the current page to load first. If you do this you want have to worry so much about getting badnavs. Thanks, Danilo.

Never-before-seen HP6 Clip-Sunday

On May 31st, during the MTV Movie Awards(which begin at 9PM EST) a never-before-seen clip from Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince will be presented via telecast from England by Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

HBP Featurette

New featurette for HP and the Half-Blood Prince.

A Little Reminder

I'd like to remind everyone of the "No Cyber Bullying" rule, being some of you forgot it or choose to ignore the part of it that says " Personal attacks(bringing someones real life into it) and insulting remarks should be kept off the public channels such as the forums and the chats. It is preferable that you keep arguments off the site or ignore players that irritate you." The insulting remarks NOT RP related have got way out of hand as of late and need to be stopped. You may have slipped under the radar and got away with them before, but now you won't. There is a line between RP and personal insults, some of you need to take time and discover that line.

Just because one person is doing it doesn't mean its ok and that you should jump on the bandwagon and do it too.

I'd also like to remind every that staff disrespect in chat is not allowed, being some seem to have forgotten that also.

Edit: If you have petitioned about bad navs, and your navs fix themselves before any staff get to it please petition back telling us. Thanks.


This is a friendly reminder to all of you that think they can create another site like this one:

NOT come here and owl other players telling them to go check out your site, or so-and-so needs some help, or spread the word!, or it's JUST like OLD HL!

It's advertising, it's against the rules and you WILL be banned.

We have no problem banning those of you who are choosing to advertise other sites in protest to the punishment that others have been given because they could not follow the rules.

Earn Donator Point Without Donating!

Interested in earning donator points without donating?

I have a list of actions you can complete for donator points.

Each action is really simple and only requires a short amount of time.

All actions are free and most are as easy as filling out and submitting a short form.

If you are interested email me at

I will send you a list of actions/activities you can complete in exchange for donator points.

Don't hesitate, these are really straightforward tasks and I just need a lot of people to do them hence why I'm giving away lots of donator points!

If you do enough of these tasks there's even the possibly of earning a title change. ^_^

UDPATE: The directions don't fit in owls so please just email me that way I can send you the full directions. Anyone I owled the directions to needs to email me to get the full details.

UPDATE: I'm no longer doing this. I will be doing it again sometime in the future.