Personal Attacks

A reminder of the rule being some have seem to forgotten lately:
Personal attacks(bringing someones real life into it) and insulting remarks should be kept off the public channels such as the forums and the chats.

This means when you are sitting there accusing people of being pedophiles and bringing their RL into the chats, you are breaking said rule. People keep making this accusation toward others lately (not even directed at just one person) without having any proof to back the claim up. If you had proof, you should be reporting it to the police not trying to be a vigilante and take the situation upon yourself.

Consider this your only warning, if you make this kind of accusation against anyone in chat you'll be muted for it, without prior warning. A few players already have been.


When signing up you are agreeing you the sites Terms Of Use( Number three tells how you must be at least thirteen to register on this site. A lot of players have ignored this while signing up lately and have ended up banned because of it. We're not banning people you may have become friends with to be mean, but because its not legal for them to be on here.

From the Terms Of Use:
3. Your Responsibilities and Registration Obligations.
In order to use this web site, you must register on our site, agree to provide truthful information when requested, and be at least the age of thirteen (13) or older. When registering, you explicitly agree to our Terms of Use and as may be modified by us from time to time and available here. For more information, please read the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA).

You can read the COPPA here:

LOLCat April Fool's Text

Even though it is not April Fool's Day for everyone yet, the timezone the server is in it is April Fool's Day, so for the next 24 hours you get to be graced by Danilo's LOLCat April Fool's Prank. =P

Edit: Danilo removed the option to turn it off. (Cause I'm evil! Mwuahaha! --Headmaster)

Edit 2: Special LOLcat has been added to the pet shop for one day!

Recent Crash and Owl Post

The site has been having a few issues these past couple of days as most of you have been able to tell. The main issue was that the Outbox in your Owl Post was not working correctly. A few of you were stuck in an endless badnav, as well.

In order to correct this, Danilo had to murder all the old owls (his words ;) ) but our fresh new stock should hopefully prove to be more obedient :)

Thanks for playing and if you notice anything else out of sorts, please petition.

UPDATE: Membership to the Deatheaters and Order of the Phoenix modules were both reset. Danilo has made it that each will cost a set number of gems (10) rather than taking half of your total amount. We realize that some players have ultimately lost gems because of the membership reset, but there's no way to retrieve the data of past membership and we apologize for that.


REPOST: How To Avoid Bad Navs

Repost of this that I posted before and part of one Witchy posted also.

Many of you are getting bad navs, and lately I've noticed a lot are user errors. Here are a few things that cause bad navs:
1.) Refreshing your page with your browsers refresh button. If you need to refresh, you the refresh under chats.
2.) Playing in multiple windows(or tabs). You don't need to chat and level at the same time.
3.) Clicking the back button on your browser. It won't bring you back to your previous page, so its pointless to click.
4.) Timing out and logging back in during a special/event. Also, if you die in PVP and time out before clicking Daily News, you'll end up being killed again and losing experience again when you log back in.
5.) Typing or pasting the URL instead of clicking.
6.) Pressing F5 or Ctrl R(which will refresh the page) can cause them too.
7.) Clicking something before a page is fully loaded.

These are some things that cause it so avoid doing them. Sometimes it can be the code itself, but a lot of petitions lately are user caused errors.

If you have bad navs you cannot get off of, petition right away. Do not sit there and wait days and then send rude petitions because of it. If you choose to wait to petition, that is not our fault do not take it out on us.

PETITION ONLY ONCE. Petitioning more just takes us longer to get to fixing because we have to sit there and close all your petitions. We'll get to it when we get on.

Do not get your friends to petition if you are stuck.
Do not owl staffers if you are stuck.
Do not get your friends to owl staffers if you are stuck.
Do not IM staffers if you are stuck.
Do not get your friends to IM staffers if you are stuck.

Filter Evasion Clarification

Using slang terms and words that are harmless in their REAL meaning to get around filtered words IS filter evasion. If you do this you will be warned. We're not going to filter ever single slang term/harmless word you try to make inappropriate in meaning. So if you use it after the first you will be warned again, then it will lead to a mute if you keep it up just like it would with normal filter evasion.

Just because words are not on the filter doesn't mean they are ok to use. This is a PG-13 site, use your head and think about which words you shouldn't use in chats.

P.S.: Cybering is NOT allowed in dwellings. I wouldn't suggest doing it on here period because you don't know how old people are and they can lie about their ages.

Fixed Case Sensitivity Issue

Some have you may have noticed that on certain parts of the site when you try to search for someone by their character name the search feature is case sensitive.

You can now search without worrying about case sensitivity. =)

Prolonged Downtime

I apologize for the prolonged downtime that occurred earlier today/yesterday. For the past three weeks I've been working on a number of things that should both speed up the site and increase stability. This will, hopefully, mean database crashes will occur less often. It will also mean that in the event that the site does crash an automated program will attempt a number of fixes to get the database back up and running.

You should expect these fail-safes to be in place no later than next month. I will post more about this shortly.

Again, sorry for the downtime and thanks for playing! ^^

UPDATE: There was some data loss as of February 17, 2010 2:16 PM (PST). I recovered what I could from various backups. Most of the data I recovered is about 12 hours old. All data is no older than 36 hours.

Owls Not Working

Everyone's owls have disappeared and no new ones are going through. The Owl Post is still there, it's just not working correctly at the moment.

Thank you to those who have petitioned about this. I have left a message for Danilo so hopefully he can get them up and running again soon. Since we are aware of the problem, we don't need you to petition anymore.


The owls are back from strike. Turns out they just wanted some new bird feed. Figures.

Owls. Can't live with them. Can't live without them.


Hogwarts Live Webcomic Contest Winners

1st Place Webcomic: The Eyebrow Waggle by Veranda
The Eyebrow Waggle Part 1 by Veranda - Hogwarts Live Webcomic
The Eyebrow Waggle Part 2 by Veranda - Hogwarts Live Webcomic
The Eyebrow Waggle Part 3 by Veranda - Hogwarts Live Webcomic
The Eyebrow Waggle Part 4 by Veranda - Hogwarts Live Webcomic
Prize: 2,000 donator points

2nd Place Webcomic: Untitled by FleurDelacourWeasley
n00b by FleurDelacourWeasley - Hogwarts Live Webcomic
Prize: 1,500 donator points

3rd Place Webcomic: Wacky! Witchy! Webcomics! by MasterofDisaster
Wacky! Witchy! Webcomics! by MasterofDisaster - Hogwarts Live Webcomic
Prize: 1,000 donator points

Because there were so many good entries I decided to award 500 donator points to the following entries:

4th Place Webcomic: HL Godmodder Meets Real Life by MisguidedGhost
HL Godmodder Meets Real Life by MisguidedGhost - Hogwarts Live Webcomic

5th Place Webcomic: Story of my HL Life by MisguidedGhost
Story of my HL Life by MisguidedGhost - Hogwarts Live Webcomic

6th Place Webcomic: Untitled by Kahlan
Peeves by Kahlan - Hogwarts Live Webcomic

I provided a descriptions of the winning comics in the comments below for our visually impaired players: