Update from AislingBlack

Dear HLer's from AislingBlack:
My family and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone that showed their love and concern for my beautiful niece, Mikyla. If some of you don't remember or know the situation, Mikyla is 5 months old now but when she was 4 months old, we learned that she had two holes in her heart and a pinched aorta. She was hospitalized to fix the pinched aorta but during surgery, she flatlined. (Code Blue) They bought her back and since then she had to spend several weeks in Riley's Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. About two weeks ago, Mikyla was released with some restrictions of having to use a feeding tube. I would like to report that, my Meke is doing GREAT! She started taking her bottles on her own shortly after she returned home. When I finally met her on Easter Weekend, she didn't have the feeding tube because she was playing with it and pulling it out instead of using it. She takes her medications through a bottle nipple and growing. She started gaining weight again; going from 7 pounds and 2 ounces to 8 pounds and 8 ounces. She is so tiny but so strong. When she grabs your finger, you can feel her strength. When I was up north, I remember that Meke did not sleep more than thirty minutes on three different occasion. (One time falling asleep in my arms, aww's) She didn't want to miss anything. I still hear that she is thriving. Attached is a Photoshopped picture of just her and of me holding her. (I had to wear latex gloves and a mask for safety reason since I was getting over Shingles.) Meke has her heart surgery still coming up but I know she will make a full recovery and be the best flower girl an aunt could ask for. I will keep everyone updated as I know something or you can go to her site and read her journals.

Thank you ALL again,
AislingBlack and the Howard Family of Indiana

Another NEW HP Trailer!

Here's a new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince due out later this year!

Award/Penalize House Points and PvP

Unless you are Staff or a Prefect DO NOT use these options in bios. And the same warning that was in the previous MoTD that apparently was ignored, you WILL get a 3 day ban for it. This will be fixed just give it time.

ADDED: PvP is not broken. This is how the original code is designed- players log out and may be killed ONCE while they are offline.

We previously had an edit to the code that was forcing players back into PvP multiple times while they were logged out and this is why there was always so many people in the Dueling Club. With our recent upgrade, this edit has just not been redone and this is why it's been so empty. Edmund or Danilo will get to it as soon as they have time. Thanks.

Problems Signing On

Some people are having issues logging in. It appears that usernames and passwords are now cAsE sensitive.

Also cAsE sensitive are Flirts, Bank Transfers and Ressurections. Please be sure to use capital letters where needed.

Edit: If you use the Award/Penalize House Points options in bios, you WILL get a 3 day ban when caught.

Hogwarts Live Upgrade

We're going to start the upgrade process within the next few hours or so. The site will likely be down for about an hour. After the upgrade please report any errors via the Petition for Help link.

Include these details in your petition:
(1) The URL/web address from your browser's address bar.
(2) Any error messages and/or a description of the error.

Some of the texts may read strangely, let us know by providing the same information as requested above.

Update: Upgrade complete. Start reporting errors!

Hogwarts Live on Twitter

Hey if any of you are interested in promoting yourself, your brand, breaking news, or just keeping in touch please follow me on Twitter:
@ariadoss or http://twitter.com/ariadoss

I'll follow anyone who follows me right back as long as you're not a spammer!

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And finally, Hogwarts Live has a Twitter account as well, but it's not being updated just yet.
You can follow @hogwartslive though and we'll be sure to let you know when we start updating it.

Azkatraz Reminder

For those of you interested in attending Azkatraz, the Harry Potter Symposium, they have extended the $145 rate until April 15th, if you can come, think about it, it's going to be a lot of fun.

I, along with SerenityRose and MikeCrim will be hosting a panel discussion at the event on "Wizarding Physics: Gamp and beyond" where we will dig a little deeper into Rowling's magical world and hopefully understand the limits of magic in the Potter universe.

In addition, we are hoping to have a HogwartsLive meetup at the event for people attending Azkatraz who play on HogwartsLive.

I hope to meet you there.

Player Request

A longtime member of this site, AislingBlack, and her family would like to spread the word about her niece Mikyla.

Mikyla needs open heart surgery before she is 1 year old for two heart murmurs. She recently had the pinched aorta fixed but flat lined. They were able to revive this smiley, happy girl but now she is stuck on a breathing tube. Her family are not yet asking for donations to help in the care of her. All they request is that the world get to know this loving child through her Caring Bridge website by reading her journal, subscribing to updates on her, and signing her guest book.

When Mikyla recovers from this nasty health problem, her daddy will be show her just how much human compassion the world had for her.

So please we request of you to go to her website and sign her guest book:

Then print out her flier to pass around at your schools, churches, jobs, and social events: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v427/AislingBlack/Mikyla2.jpg

Pass her website along to all you know.

Thank You!

The Howard Family of Indiana.

New HBP Trailer!

Warner Bros. released a brand new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the sixth film in the series.

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

New Easier to Remember Referral Links

If you're not already aware of this you can earn donator points by getting people to sign up for Hogwarts Live via your referral link. I've recently changed everyone's referral links to make them easier to remember. While the old referral links still work, it'd be nice if you could start giving out the new easy-to-remember referral links, which look like this:


Please note Username should be replaced with the name you use to login (i.e. the name that comes after Firstyeargirl or whatever your title happens to be); for example my referral link would be:

By giving your friends this link you will automagically receive 50 points every time one of them reaches level 10.

There's more about this on the Referrals page in the Prefect's Lounge.