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Bald Eagle Pet

For a limited time you can now get the Balamp;d Eagle pet in the pet shop.

All Easter pets have been removed from the shop, they WILL still appear as you having them though.

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Easter Pets

A Baby Chick and Bunny are available in the pet shop until April 30th.

e; Also the Killer Bunny of DOOM is available again, I forgot to activate that one yesterday.

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Charm Display

We have reactivated the Charm Display module for your convenience(and ours). Go to your Preferences click "Charm Display Preferences" to turn it on, it will display in your stats on the right.

This is only informational. Charm does not do anything in the game.

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Rule Reminder :)

Being tomorrow/today's date(4/20, depending on your time zone) is significant to certain groups, I'd like to remind everyone ALL DRUG TALK IS AGAINST THE SITE RULES. Reference to what this date stands for that breaks that rule, talking about drugs and getting high, will result in a...

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April Fool's Day ***UPDATED***

ACCORDING TO THE SERVER, the time is 12:00am April 1- ApRiL fOoL's DaY!


For our amusement (but mostly fun annoyance XD), we have a special text module enabled. In order for this to...

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Disaster Alert: Earthquake in Japan, Tsunami Warnings

I'm sure many of you have seen and read about what happened in Japan today, our thoughts here at HL go out to anyone living in Japan and anyone who has family living there. The following is the alert from the Red Cross:

Disaster Alert: Earthquake in Japan, Tsunami Warnings

Update 9:30...

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Canterbury Earthquake - February 23 Update 0030 Hours

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit the Canterbury area at 12.51 PM today - February 22. The quake, approximately 5 km underground and located 10 km south east of the city has caused wide spread damage, bursting sewage lines, damaging buildings and homes, cutting power and telephone lines to many areas...

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Added ability to change your character name (display name)

Hey everyone!

I know some of you have requested the ability to change your character name (which I'll refer to as your display name for the continuation of this post).

For those of you who have accumulated more than 10,000 donator points you may now change your display name in the...

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My 2011 Birthday Wish: Donate to UNICEF

As you may know it's my birthday on January 12th (that's today for many of you). If you want to do something special for your Headmaster please consider contributing to UNICEF. It's my favorite charitable organization. 90.5% of your donations actually go to the children in need...

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Raffle Winners

We apologize for the delay, but the raffle winners have been chosen and posted!

The 3 winners of the 3-month VIP pass are:

God Spartacus (Ticket 102)
Mistress RainaFormensul (Ticket 1633)
Supreme God JakeSkellington (Ticket 1374)

Our winner of the 6-month VIP pass is:

Ich Will Haji...

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