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May T-Shirt Winners

May T-Shirt Winners

The winner of our May Top Contributor Prize was Nimue.

The winner of our May T-Shirt Raffle was Salazar.

The winners will receive their choice of designs available on

The Top Contributor Prize and T-Shirt Raffle will continue again for...

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New Villages! And a RACE!

We have just brought back our Ministry of Magic, Spinner's End, and No. 12 Grimmauld Place!

The Ministry is open to any Witch/Wizard and higher, regardless of alignment. No. 12 Grimmauld Place is only open to those Witches and Wizards who are of good alignment, and Spinner's End is...

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April T-Shirt Winners

April T-Shirt Winners

The winner of our April Top Contributor Prize was AnakinFinnegan.

The winner of our April T-Shirt Raffle was DonovanReno.

The winners will receive their choice of designs available on

The Top Contributor Prize and T-Shirt Raffle will...

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Staff Suggestions

We will be taking suggestions for new staff members until Saturday, May 5th. Please take into consideration the attitude of the player you are suggesting, their ability to follow the rules, how they treat other players, and if you know they have been banned before, do not suggest them.


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Friday the 13th Surprise

Just noticed today was Friday the 13th. Well, what better day to start a new Hogwarts Live tradition? Or even better, how about two?

So what are they?

Monthly Top Contributor Prize
If you're the top contributor for the month you'll get to pick out your very own, custom, Hogwarts...

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Special Pet's

Happy Easter to those who celebrate the holiday! The Killer Bunny of DOOM and a Baby Chick are available for a limited time only in the pet shop. :)

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And the winner is....

It's a tie! After multiple times counting(by multiple people), the votes were correctly counted as 35 for Option 1 and 35 for Option 2.

Option 1 - SmartWitchSarah

Option 2 - Hera

Thank you again to everyone who participated! Winners will be contacted shortly by staff.

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Alpha Testers Needed

April Fools!

Yes, this was an april fools day joke, we have not written a blatant rip-off of Angry Birds, and when and if we decide to branch into mobile gaming, you can be sure we won't target platforms like Blackberry or WebOS first. What wasn't a joke? The Bean Raffle of course!...

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March Meme Madness


In honor of March Madness here on HL we are putting our own twist on it.

March Meme Madness

If you choose to participate, you need to make a meme about HL. The top 8 entries (selected by staff) will be...

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Kony 2012 - Help Increase Public Outcry

There's been some buzz about this video on HL so I decided to post it as well as offer some advice.

I'd recommend signing the pledge to condemn these atrocities--public outcry has helped get the US Government involved in human rights violations before and it'll work again. On the...

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