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Okay, here's the deal...

Not everyone will get to see the movie right away. I hope those of you who CAN see it right away, enjoy it :) HOWEVER...PLEASE do NOT come into chat and give anything away. Now granted, most of us have read the book and know what the plot is, everyone knows...

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MTV Spoilers

Tonight at 8PM EST MTV's show Spoilers will have a exclusive inside look at Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

EDIT: For those who missed it here is a link to it(it is only about a minute long):
MTV's Spoilers

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Be Kind, Don't Spoil

Just a reminder, please don't talk about the new movie in open chat for a week or so, "OMG The Movie was Awesome" is ok, but please don't spoil anything. Yes the book has been available for 4 years, but there are people here who only watch the movies and haven't seen it...

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