Okay, here's the deal...

Not everyone will get to see the movie right away. I hope those of you who CAN see it right away, enjoy it :)
HOWEVER...PLEASE do NOT come into chat and give anything away. Now granted, most of us have read the book and know what the plot is, everyone knows that movies differ from the books they are based on. Those of us who CANNOT see it right away do NOT want to see spoilers in chat. We would LOVE to hear if you LIKED it, but we do NOT want to hear scene details. If there is someone who DOES want to know, then that person can OWL you and ASK. Do NOT randomly owl people details from the movie. You WILL be MUTED AND BANNED. Do NOT talk about the movie in chat (other than yes you liked it, no you didn't) or you WILL BE MUTED AND BANNED.


If you DO want to be spoiled, you can always just listen to the podcast listed below and get all the spoilers you want, and free bertie botts beans to use on the candy raffles.

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