Voice your Opinion and be Heard!

Tomorrow the Wizards.FM panel will sit down and record a discussion about Deathly Hallows, what we liked, what we didn't like, what we are still confused about, a general conversation about Deathly Hallows and we want your help!

Email your opinions and reviews of Deathly Hallows to wizardcast@wizards.fm, or Owl them to me, or to SerenityRose, and we may read your review or opinion on the air tomorrow, or if you want to really be heard call us toll free in the USA at 1-866-486-4716 and leave your review in a minute and a half or less.

You can also record your review on your computer and email them to us at the address above, however you can get your review to us, get it to us before 6 p.m. Pacific time tomorrow night and we will incorporate as many of your reviews of Deathly Hallows in with our reviews as possible.

As an aside, but related note, you may have noticed that the Alchemy Lab has once again vanished from HogwartsLive, be on the look out for the innagural episode of "The Common Room Fire" on Wizards.FM, the Wizard's Webcast Network and another chance at a new fabulous prize from Edmund's Alchemy Lab soon!

Congratulations to everyone who earned the Alchemy Lab prizes for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

When you give us your review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, be sure to let us know either in the voicemail or email or owl or whatever what your HogwartsLive name is. Every reviewer selected to be a part of the show will win a special exclusive prize here on HogwartsLive. This prize will only be available to those who give us a review of the show and ONLY available for this show, so if you want the prize, get those reviews in by tomorrow. Tell us why you loved it, tell us why you hated it, ask your questions that you wish Rowling would have answered in the book, tell us your favorite parts, whatever you wish, we just want this next show to be all about you!

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