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Reset Hitpoints

I've decided to reset the hitpoints and reward you all two gems in exchange for each hitpoint. This decision is based on a majority consensus on the poll and in the forums. Thank you for understanding.

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Purchased Max HP Problem

Hello everyone, I am sorry to announce that due to a glitch the record of all purchased maximum hp from Cedric in the Hog's Head has vanished. There is not an easy way to get them back, so after your next VE your max hp may reset back down to the maximum you had from other means...

To help...

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There is no bug with Cedric

Ok, stop reporting bugs with Cedric, people have continually found ways around the hp cap with cedric and so therefore the new limitation has been put in place, Cedric will no longer sell you more max hit points then you are allowed to have, you are allowed to have 45 max hit points PER VE you...

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Inn Logout fixed

I have fixed the bug with logging out at the inn, because of this glitch cedric's potion sale will continue through Sunday Night to help anyone who has lost hitpoints because of this glitch.

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Happy Easter, Donation Drive - Win Fabulous Prizes!

Some of you may have experienced serious lag time during our peak hours of gameplay.

To answer the problems of the current server we use at HogwartsLive, we have pooled together and purchased a fantastic new server which will be up this coming week.

Due to our need for this faster server to...

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House Cup System- amp;New Info

Yay for Edmund and his hard work on our newest module! And not just a simple little forest event or new shop...but basically a whole new system here on HL. The House Cup system!!! As huge as this module is, it is still not quite done and we have even more to look forward to so be sure to...

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Fiction Critique - Earn Donator and House Points

Sorry, if some of you find this MoTD inappropriate but I was told it shouldn't be. So, let me ask if anyone is interested in earning donator points to write a critique paper on a short fiction piece? I need a minimum of 500 words critique on a 2,300 word short story (aprox. 15 minutes to...

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Point Removal Regulations

Now if you see a staff remove more or give more then what is listed here either Owl Edmund, Myself, Bellatrix, LilyAnnKnight, or SpinalRemains, or feel free to petition it. Now when you owl or petition it you need to include in the chat where they removed or given points from the person and that...

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Need some points?

Have some Bertie Botts beans just sitting in your pocket? Use them to win some points, both for your house and for you. A Raffle is going on right now, the prize? 500 points for your house, and 5,000 donator points for you, that's a good prize, so trade in your beans and win some points! 5...

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Write Articles - Earn Donator and House Points

If any of you are interested in writing articles for donator points please send a writing sample to [email hidden] and I will send you the full details if I like your writing.

Points will only be awarded to well-written original articles that cite sources (Wikipedia is not a valid...

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