House Cup System- amp;New Info

Yay for Edmund and his hard work on our newest module! And not just a simple little forest event or new shop...but basically a whole new system here on HL. The House Cup system!!! As huge as this module is, it is still not quite done and we have even more to look forward to so be sure to check here whenever you see the MoTD link highlighted. (Or Witchy WILL kill you AND we will take away House points from anyone who asks anything that was answered here)

Here is a basic rundown of how the House Cup works:

Race. Right now, there is only one race: Human. The Loyalty is Ottery St. Catchpole. This will soon be changing so please check back for updates.

House. You choose your House but choose wisely; this is a permanent choice. You will not be able to change Houses once you have been sorted.

Heads of Houses. Not quite in effect yet, but later tonight, there will be 4 Heads of Houses (HoHs). Edmund is the HoH of Ravenclaw, LilyAnnKnight is the HoH of Gryffindor, SpinalRemains is the HoH of Slytherin and WitchyWoman is the HoH of Hufflepuff. The other staffers are school faculty. We ALL have the power to give you points and we all have the power to take them away. Remember that. Also in development is a way for students (you all) to become Prefects and maybe even Head Boy/Girl. Check here for updates.

Earning/Losing Points. Think of HL just like you would the real Hogwarts. How do students earn points there? By doing good things, mostly. Answering questions correctly that a staffer may ask (like pop quizzes), helping other students (answering questions correctly for new students), defeating your Professors and defeating Voldy. Even random forest fights can earn you House points. Hopefully you get the idea.

In the same way, how do they lose points? By misbehaving and dying. In addition to the regular warnings and punishments, we now have the option to take away House points from players. So if you want your House to win the House Cup, you will behave yourselves (hint, hint).
Be warned that those who are caught trying to sabotage another House's Points will be dealt with. Strictly.

Changed again. After seeing it in action, we figured out that it was not fair to have Firstyears GAIN points when they never LOST their House any points. However, we do realize that they die more often and can greatly affect their House standing in either direction. We have a NEW point-loss system for newer players. It is as follows: Firstyears will lose 5 points when they die. Secondyears will lose 6 points, Thirdyears- 7, Fourthyears- 8 and so on until they reach 10 points and then it becomes the same formula as below (in yellow). They will also earn their House a few extra points when they defeat Voldemort for the first time. For a player's first VE, they will earn 19 House points. For their second VE-18 points, third VE- 17 points, etc until they reach 10 VEs and get 10 House points.

However...because older players should know how NOT to get killed, they will lose their House even more points when they die from now on. Okay, Spinal explained how many points a player will lose their House when they die. It is the number of VE's they have, divided by 20 and then + 10. So, if you have 60 VE's (60/20=3+10=13), you will lose your House 13 points when you die in Battle. This includes PvP when you attack and die.

As it has been, no one loses points when they die due to Stonehenge or the old bridge or any other Something Special. Points are only lost due to death in BATTLE.

Prizes. Although not in effect quite yet, I am going to explain what the prize is for having the most Points so you guys know what you are trying to win. At the beginning of each game day the members of the House in the lead will get a positive buff. Also, we will reset the House Points each week and Edmund will put in a place for the winning House. For the entire following week members of the winning House will have a benefit for the ENTIRE week! So as you can see, it is in your best interest to want to earn as many points and be as helpful as possible.

Those are the main points right now. As mentioned above, there are still many things to come so check back here whenever you see the
MoTD link highlighted. And please remember that this still is a game of discovery and finding things for yourselves so go out there and play the game and have fun!

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Glorianna • Wednesday, September 29, 2010 - 5:33pm • #1

I really like the house system. I think it adds to the challenge of the game.

Glorianna • Wednesday, September 29, 2010 - 5:34pm • #2

I really like the house system. I think it adds to the challenge of the game.

The Goddess Silk • Monday, May 16, 2011 - 10:52am • #3

Sad we don't have the prefect thing now. :O

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