There is no bug with Cedric

Ok, stop reporting bugs with Cedric, people have continually found ways around the hp cap with cedric and so therefore the new limitation has been put in place, Cedric will no longer sell you more max hit points then you are allowed to have, you are allowed to have 45 max hit points PER VE you have, plus 10 for each level (the 10 you get when you level up), no more, if you attempt to purchase additional max hitpoints past that point, cedric will take your gems but will not give you the hitpoints.

I repeat, there is no bug with Cedric, do not attempt to buy more hitpoints then you are allowed to have, there will be no compensation for you spending too many gems. We have warned you all that these limitations would be coming into effect for months, We have told you all about a maximum hitpoint limit, do not expect any compensation for wasted gems if you try to buy too many hitpoints, you will get NO compensation... I repeat again, NO COMPENSATION, so figure out what your max is, and do not go over that maximum.

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