Fiction Critique - Earn Donator and House Points

Sorry, if some of you find this MoTD inappropriate but I was told it shouldn't be. So, let me ask if anyone is interested in earning donator points to write a critique paper on a short fiction piece? I need a minimum of 500 words critique on a 2,300 word short story (aprox. 15 minutes to read out loud). Also, I'll give out 100 house points per critique in addition to lots of donator points. This offer expires June 1st.

I have some pretty hardcore critique guidelines laid out so if you've never done one before don't worry. It's a speculative fiction story I hope to enter into a contest, the target genre is science fiction/fantasy, it's a post-apocalyptic mythology/romance. If you have read chapters of my science fiction novella, this is at a higher reading level and is geared towards more mature readers so don't expect the same style writing.

Email me at if you're interested and want the complete directions/details, if you just want to read it that's fine too. Just remember you may not modify, redistribute, or reproduce it anywhere as it's copyright 2006.

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