Partial Data Reset and Last Call

Before we get a bunch of petitions complaining, we have partially reset the module_userprefs table again, this time on purpose and with some exceptions.

Your alignment, fairydragons, horcruxes, phoenixes, and bertie botts beans should be intact, other settings that use the module_userprefs table will have reset. As you can see this results in a significant increase in site speed, so we may be doing resets like this every month or two to keep the site fast until the new version is ready.

On the note of the new version of HogwartsLive, due to several problems with LoGD both in it's highly restrictive license, and it's (so-extensible-that-it-is-very-inefficient codebase), we have decided to write the new game from scratch, using no LoGD code whatsoever. This will allow a much more Potter Universe oriented game, and it will (since we don't need support for 3rd party modules as everything is going to be written ourselves), be far more efficient in it's code. The hope is that this will lead to a much more scalable game then LoGD has allowed. More information and the early alpha version to come.

Also, I posted a MoTD last night asking for reviews of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, it doesn't need to be much, just a few sentences, or as detailed as you want (a few paragraphs) but you have just 3 more hours (extending the deadline another hour) to get those reviews in.

Everyone who submits a review will receive a special Edmund's Alchemy prize that will never be available for everyone else, so hurry up and join this exclusive club.

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