T-Shirt Design Contest

The T-shirt design contest is still going on, check out the forums. Please note that I will tell you if I don't like your design or if I have ideas for making it better. If I don't reply it probably means I deleted it.

Thanks. :)

Alas the war has ended.

The great war between Light and Dark has come to a close. Peace shall reign throughout the magical world, that is until the next war...

Light points: 93346
Dark points: 36591

New Server Purchase!!!

Okay, I'm settled down now at my apartment in a suburb of San Francisco, California that shall remain unnamed. I still don't have a computer, Internet access (I'm at school), a cell phone, or a car for that matter so bare with me. I will try and get the new server by the second week of August, during the first week though the site might be down for a couple of hours (or even days) to allow me ample time to transfer all the data from this server.

I'm moving tomorrow.

I am moving to San Francisco on Thursday (July 7). I am returning my modem to Comcast later on today, so I will not have Internet access until I get to a computer in San Francisco. I will not be on very often until I get my new Apple PowerMac G5 in the mail, which might take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Also my apartment does not have Broadband or DSL yet, so you might not be able to get a hold of me for awhile. Don't worry about the new server I'm going to start making arrangements tomorrow; we should have it within the month.

The New Deputies... and more.

In case you haven't already noticed, yesterday, I updated the Deputy Nomination thread with the people who we've picked to have a chance to become a deputy. Now we have come to a decision, the new Deputies will be Barrister Titan and God Asmith.
Titan was nominated and Asmith was the secret number 5 that me and Danilo voted for. There names will be changed shortly(tonight or tomorrow).

Also we are considering two people for Junior Auror positons. These people are Barrister iamtheriddle and Gladiator Basset.

Sorry to anyone who didn't get the position they wanted, better luck next time.

HL needs a new dedicated server!

We are going to be purchasing another dedicated server to speed up Hogwarts Live. Currently I am looking at two options. The first is to get a really powerful machine for a similar price as the current one. The second is to get another server similar to this one and use it to store the databases while this one stores the files.

Sites that I am currently looking at include:

The current server is running on an Intel P3 Processor, 1 Gig of RAM, 40 GB IDE Hard Drive with 2 Terabytes of bandwidth and the latest stable version of Debian Linux installed.

Happy Independence Day America!

I suppose this day is to celebrate our victory over Britain, right? I won't get into my idea that no one can "win" a war right now, but I wanted to add this is also the Independence Day for the Philippines (I am half Filipino). In 1946 on July 4th, after 381 years of colonial rule the Philippines was granted full independence by the United States, which I am sorry to say, is in my opinion a bad decision on the United State's part. The Philippines is now one of the poorest countries in the world, with a very corrupt government, and a lower average annual salary than China. If you want to see other events that occurred on this day, check out this Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/July_4

The Jail

Should we keep the Jail or should it be changed to allow certain things to happen?

PS: I wanted to let you guys know that I fixed the Boy's and Girl's Dorms.

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The Future of Hogwarts Live

The beginning stages of my search engine optimization plan for Hogwarts Live have been completed. In the coming months HL will witness a new surge of players. This means that I will most likely have to purchase a new server, which will allow for a faster gaming experience for everyone. So keep those contributions coming, they are much appreciated, and I assure you they will be put to good use. Within the next two months you will witness the deployment of five new selectable themes/skins/templates to be used on Hogwarts Live, which will be given a strictly Harry Potter theme and will load much faster than the current "Jade" skin. I am also currently in the process of fixing typos and rewriting sections of the site that are difficult to comprehend due to the use of poor or improper grammar on my part. I am also going to change the way people vote for this web site, it appears there is not enough incentive for people to vote for us, you have to remember this keeps Hogwarts Live on top of our competition, this is what keeps me going as well as the site, if I am not getting visitors, why should I keep pouring countless hours of my time into the expansion and maintenance of this wonderful game and community? For those of you who may have lost gold or gems in the past, our good friend Alchemist Edmund is concocting a script to be released on July 16th in conjunction with the sixth installment of the Harry Potter series that will magically reinstate your inadvertently lost funds to their previous well-to-do state. In a show of good faith I will conduct a series of polls on various aspects of the game and truly listen to feedback expressed by our users, possibly even implementing their ideas to further improve the quality of this site and the overall pleasure felt while playing it. You may have noticed that the existence of bugs has become ever scarcer since the upgrade; I want this game to be as enjoyable as possible and will continue to facilitate the growth of this community and its dissemination among the peoples of the world who proudly call themselves "Harry Potter Fans." So give me your hand and let us together delve deeper into an online world, where imagination is rampant, and sorrow is unheard of, where the previously disheartened find that they can transcend their ordinary disconsolation and achieve elation, euphoria, and exhilaration. (Yeah, I tend to exaggerate things, but I like flowery language sometimes, not that this is in anyway good writing but more of anti-grammatical rant. Don't worry, I do know half of you guys only play this game because you have nothing better to do!)

I will post the aforesaid text in the forums under the topic "The Future of Hogwarts Live"; you are more than welcome to express your views on the situation and future of our game in that thread.

Google Wallet

Well, some people on this site obviously dislike donating through PayPal, so once the Google Wallet service is stable I'll be sure to incorporate that into this site.