Sending in multiple owls/petitions.

Please do not send administrators more than one owl until they respond to your question. It is quite annoying to receive more than one owl in a row from the same person in succession. I'm sure the moderators do not wish to be pestered either. Also, please only send out one petition; even if you've been waiting a while, sending multiple petitions postpones the entire process. Please make sure you do not send admins questions directly related to game play such as "What title comes after...?" or "Where is...?", please keep those type of questions to the commentaries/chats and the roleplaying forums (the same goes for suggestions). I will be more than happy to help you with any questions related to donations and most personal matters. Other than that please utilize the petition for help link in order to receive the most expedient assistance with regard to technical problems, bugs, and abuse/harassment issues. Also, please read the FAQ in its entirety along with all posted warning messages such as the one that appears before owling a staff member. It is made clear not to ask for special favors such as gems and gold or raised stats. If you feel you have been wrongly treated please read Section 6.a of the Terms of Use agreement as well as the Forum Guidelines before complaining. These documents are correspondingly located at the subsequent locations:

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