Repeat Offenders *WILL* Be Prosecuted

Take a look at this message that was sent to the ISP of a repeat offender, (you do not want to break our rules):

To Whom It May Concern:

A person at this IP address: (Most recently:
Has been habitually harassing the staff and members of my website,
This has to stop, I have already blocked the entire 195.92.168. IP range to prevent him from visiting my site anymore. However I do not want to prevent legitimate users from accessing the site so could you please somehow block this person from accessing my site or notify his parents of his heinous violations of our Terms of Use Agreement, which consist of sexual harassment and verbal threats upon my life. I am still afraid he may be able to evade the ban on this IP range and I may have to take more drastic measures if nothing is done about this such as banning the 195.92. IP range as well as an enormous amount of proxy servers.

Danilo Stern-Sapad

I wrote him a nice message for when he tries to login:
"I have notified your ISP, and the owner of your internet account will be contacted. Bite me!"

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