A Little Reminder

I'd like to remind everyone of the "No Cyber Bullying" rule, being some of you forgot it or choose to ignore the part of it that says " Personal attacks(bringing someones real life into it) and insulting remarks should be kept off the public channels such as the forums and the chats. It is preferable that you keep arguments off the site or ignore players that irritate you." The insulting remarks NOT RP related have got way out of hand as of late and need to be stopped. You may have slipped under the radar and got away with them before, but now you won't. There is a line between RP and personal insults, some of you need to take time and discover that line.

Just because one person is doing it doesn't mean its ok and that you should jump on the bandwagon and do it too.

I'd also like to remind every that staff disrespect in chat is not allowed, being some seem to have forgotten that also.

Edit: If you have petitioned about bad navs, and your navs fix themselves before any staff get to it please petition back telling us. Thanks.

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