An Introduction in Wizarding Law

Hello Everyone,

As most of you know, for the last 4 years I've been working for a company focused on providing free legal information, Justia, owned by Danilo's Uncle, Tim Stanley. In honor of the new movie, they asked me to write a Potter and Law related blog post on the Justia Company Blog.

I thought I would share the link to my new blog post, "An Introduction to Wizarding Law" with you here. Enjoy!

Alternative Characters

More Clarifications:

NO alt interaction falls under the causing drama part. Don't argue with yourself in chat, don't PvP yourself, don't send yourself pets, don't rez yourself.

Players that are found to have referred their own alts will be punished by having their mains locked. This is cheating. Danilo is generous enough to reward you with donation points for bringing in NEW players. Don't turn around and disrespect him by taking advantage of his generosity.


Clarification on alts and changes to the rule.

You many only have up to 4 accounts per IP, so if there are 4 different people on your computer playing, you cannot have an alternative character. If you exceed the 4 account limit, the HIGHEST account(s) will be locked. So if there is 6 accounts, the two highest will be locked and you will no longer be able to use those accounts. THIS INCLUDES ANY ACCOUNTS ON YOUR IP THAT MIGHT NOT EVEN BE YOURS THAT PUT YOU OVER 4! So be warned, your account could be lost if you let someone with 4 accounts already on it.

Also, you may only have alternative characters if you plan to play them, alts created just to start drama and issues with other people in chat WILL be locked(this means ALL level/VE alts).


Just because this is not located under the rules in the FAQ yet, does not mean it is not a rule. This change to the rule was approved by Danilo and WILL be added once he gets to it. If you have had accounts locked because you neglected to read this in the first place, that is your own fault for not reading the blog. The owl the system sends out when there is a new blog post tells you:

Please note that blog entries contain important information about Hogwarts Live. This information is not limited to the following: game updates, rule changes, warnings, and notices about downtime and bugs. If you fail to read a blog post outlining a new rule you will not be shown mercy when you break it.

--Headmaster Danilo


Owl Xizen Happy Birthday. :) (No this isn't going to be done for everyone, so don't ask.)

Deathy Hallows Movie Spoilers

We know probably most people have read the books and know what is going to happen, however the movies do obviously change things. So do not post spoilers to changes they made in the movie in any chat other than Devon or you'll get muted instantly with no warning. There will be a notice above all chats about it, so there is no excuse for posting them. Some people do not want the changes spoiled for them. This does not include "I liked/didn't like it." comments those can be posted anywhere, just don't start listing reasons why if they spoil part/changes.

Thank you,
HL Staff

Godric's Hollow

We added a new town as some people probably have noticed, please keep all family discussions there. Other players were having a hard time enjoying chatting on the game when HL families would come in and take over chats with with their bickering. This doesn't mean you can't say "Hey mom, how are you?" in chats, its for chats involving your HL family issues, family trees, adoption talk etc.. We realize some people in families might find this unfair, others might think its cool to have a place for it, either way, please use it for now.

Thank you,
HL Staff


We no longer have Prefects. We haven't had them for well over a year, please stop owling staff about becoming one. Thank you.


As you may have noticed, the emoticons (smilies) have been turned on in chat. This is a TRIAL RUN to see how well they work with the live chat system. If they seem to work properly, we will keep them, but if they cause problems with the chat, they will be turned off again.

Spam rules apply to emoticons- no more than 3 together, please. We know it's kind of exciting to see them in chat, but please don't get all obnoxious with them.

For instructions on how to do them and to see the list of what we have available, please refer to the FAQ- Questions about Emoticons.


Letters from Hogwarts

UPDATE: Edmund and SerenityRose had a very enjoyable time during their trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. Thanks to all who owled in the hopes of receiving a postcard from Hogsmeade and congrats to those that did receive one!

Please stop owling as this little contest is over :)

Hello everyone,

First of all I want to give a very heartfelt thanks on behalf of me and my wife Barbara (LadyOfFantasy SerenityRose) for the Happy Anniversary wishes you sent us in July. I know we haven't been around much lately, but we've been very busy.

This coming week the two of us will be visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, Florida on vacation. While we are there we are intending on doing a video podcast for you all from the park, so look forward to seeing that soon. (If we can manage it, we will do this video podcast as a live stream on Tuesday and/or Friday).

We may have some special HogwartsLive surprises for people when we come back, but in the mean time, I would like to give a few of you a special, real life gift.

Letters sent from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will contain a certified "Hogsmeade" stamp. And I want to send out some postcards while I'm there. And I want to send those postcards to you!

If you would like a postcard from me and Barbara sent with an official Hogsmeade postmark from the Owl Post, owl me your physical address, as both the postcards and the postage cost money, I can't afford to send too many of these. I will pick some addresses at random from my owls and they will receive the postcard.

I will erase all of your addresses after this is done. Anyone under 18 be sure to get your parent's permission before giving me your address. Names will be chosen completely at random, be sure to indicate who you want them addressed to and if you want any special message.

A Quick Memo

We've noticed more people sharing their passwords recently. So from this point on, if you share your password with someone else and your account gets messed with it is YOUR problem. Staff will NOT return your lost items or your account to you if they change your password on you.


Here's the deal...

The NEXT person to threaten another player over a stupid RP family is going to be banned. On Facebook, Skype, Yahoo...wherever.

This has gone on far too long. This is a GAME. If you depend so much on a fake family to make yourself feel so important and badass, get off the internet and get some professional help.

Seriously, people. Having a good time with it without interfering with other people's enjoyment, even making fun of it in a JOKING manner...that's all fine. But when it gets to actual threats and bullying, it's way past the point of acceptable.

Edit by Spinal:
There is also this blog post you can refer to.