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Families, Family Discussions, and Godric's Hollow

Several years ago, our chats were being inundated with "will someone adopt me??????" posts, older players jumping all over new firstyears with questions like, "Do you have a mom or dad yet???" or "Do you want to be adopted????" and pages and pages of players...

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Special Valentine's Day Raffle

Today's candy raffle is very special. If you win it you and your in-game spouse get 10,000 donator points each!

I normally don't raffle off donator points so be sure to jump on this rare opportunity.

To participate just exchange the beans you find in the forest at the Candy Raffle...

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Do you like PvP?

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Happy Holidays!

Once again it's that time of year...Christmas! We know that not everyone celebrates Christmas, but we'd like to wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Joyous Kwanzaa and/or whatever else you may celebrate. If you don't celebrate anything, we hope this winter is your best...

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2.5 million people need emergency food assistance in the Philippines

2.5 million people need emergency food assistance in the Philippines. Please help if you can. Any amount you can give will make a difference. If you send your receipt to [email hidden] I will give you the equivalent amount of donator points here on Hogwarts Live.

World Food Program...

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For those complaining how it's so unfair that players are getting muted for breaking rules, here's how we see it:

1. Most of the players getting muted KNOW they are breaking the rules and have been previously warned for such behavior. We are not the LA judicial system and you all are...

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Hogwarts Live Now Recruiting

Re-posting this as we still need help!

We're looking to put together a brand new development team. This will be separate from our administrative staff who deal directly with players. We're looking for enthusiastic, imaginative, and passionate individuals to help us create the next stage...

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Double Donation Day: Harry Potter's First Day at Hogwarts

To commemorate Harry Potter's first day at Hogwarts I declare this day, September 1st, 2013 a Double Donation Day! :)

What does that mean? It means while it's September 1st in your part of the world you'll get double the points you'd normally get for donating.

What are you...

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Some exciting raffles to honor Harry Potter's Birthday

All raffles end on July 31st, 2013 (Harry's 33rd Birthday). No purchase necessary to participate. Just exchange the beans you find in the forest at the Candy Raffle located on the bottom left hand side of the site under Global. Also, as a special treat all entries cost 10 beans or...

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I'd like to remind everyone that all inappropriate adult content is NOT ALLOWED in chats. You will be muted if caught.

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