Stranger Things Meets Migratory Servers Somewhere in the Galaxy

Happy Almost Spring! At least to those in the Northern Hemisphere. xD

As the temperatures start to rise and the snowstorms venture forth with their last hurrah of the season, our servers have migrated to more illustrious surroundings to continue the circle of life known as HogwartsLive.

Unlike the the long and arduous trek for thousands upon thousands of birds, ocean creatures, and them animals in Africa who are forced to migrate to find water, the process of migrating servers is usually pretty quick and painless. This time however, it seems that some of you may have gotten lost in the Upside Down, as Poly puts it.

Maybe you log in to find a chat that is hours old with only one or two other people? Which is kinda normal tbh, so scratch that one. But maybe posts have disappeared? Or maybe you find yourself all alone in some parallel universe version of Hogwarts? MaYbE yOu CaN't EvEn LoG iN!?

Unfortunately, we can't magically fix it for you even though we're supposed to be all like Witches and Wizards and stuff. But DON'T PANIC!! YOU, yes YOU, can perform all the magic needed to fix this for yourself! So grab your towel, click the link at the end of this post and prepare to be amazed! Mobile instructions included, for a limited time! (not really limited, that's just a sales pitch) If however, you do not want to attempt this yourself, the problem will correct itself soon.

For those who appreciate a more technical explanation, there's something called DNS. This is like GPS for browsers so they know where to go when you type in a website name. So what happens during migration is, the virtual address of the website gets all mixed and muddled up and sometimes it takes longer for some people's internets to find it again. (Or that might be something I made up entirely because it sounds good and I have no idea what I'm talking about.) (Except that DNS does really exist and it does have something to do with finding and accessing websites.)

tl;dr If HL is all weird, it will fix itself soon or you can clear your DNS cache. Instructions here:

Thanks for playing!

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The Unspeakable Wolfsbanewillow • Monday, March 11, 2019 - 1:17pm • #1

I think I cleared the dns thing. Will there also be new modules added, too? If yes, I found some pretty amusing modules on dragonprime. I surely can send you a list of interesting ones, although they aren't hp-themed. You always can contact me, if you like. Best, WW

NFT HitThat • Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 5:36am • #2

In my case, Hit beat Voldy, fought at level one afterward, then went to bed. The next day he began again at level 15, ready immediately to VE again. Will it now be Groundhog Day for awhile? Anyway, thanks for all you do.

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