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Here is a reminder of the site rules so no one has any excuse to not follow them. This is the version used by all Staff so please do not question if it is not in another part of the site. And please be sure to read through them even if you think you already know what they are; something might...

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Clarification on Content and Word Usage

Just to clarify what IS and what is NOT allowed as far as content... NO sexual comments and NO innuendo. NONE. Doing either will get you a warning and depending on severity, a mute. No private body part naming. No kicking, pinching, hitting, licking, poking, tapping, touching, or ANY other verb...

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HP and Att/Def

Everyone needs to stop contacting Hailey regarding the problems with hp and attack/defense. As much as she would like to, she CANNOT fix it. EDMUND has to fix it. As I said before, he is aware of the problem and is handling it. I'm sorry if it's not fast enough for you all, but he DOES...

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Gem Vaults/Friend Lists

As Edmund explained in his last MotD, the user_preferences tables are the reason for the site slowness/crashes. He has decided to reset these more frequently to help prevent this from happening.

As Gringott's gem vaults and friend lists are part of the user preferences, it has also been...

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It Happened Again

All User Preferences were reset again. This includes Friends, Squires, Pets, Alignment, Charm Display, Player Kills, the ability to reset PvP opt out option until after your next ve, Default Commentary Colors and possibly other assorted small things that I can't remember right now. EDIT:...

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Donator Points!
Beans per Ticket: 20
A lot of people have lost things they have purchased with donator points in the recent server crashes, here is a way to get some donator points back, enter the latest donator points raffle. 10 lucky winners will each win donator points equal to 10 times the...

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Special Pets

For those had a Black Cat or a Killer Bunny as pets, we have put them back in the pet shop for one (1) week. They will return to their Special Pet status on Monday, August 13 and will no longer be available for purchase.

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Why do we fall? So we can pick ourselves up again.

There was a massive data crash through the weekend and into yesterday that significantly damaged the module user preferences table of the database, the problem goes back for weeks actually and the only way to safely get the lost data back is to backtrack the entire site back 2 weeks.

The table...

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Can't we all just get along?!?

We KNOW the server is slow. We KNOW there are a lot of new firsties. Without these new accounts, this site would DIE. I'm SURE all you older players don't want the site to die and the truth of the matter is, when registration was closed, the site was STILL slow. Not AS slow, I know, but...

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Deathly Hallows

We are counting down here in the US til Book 7 is finally released...and we all want to find out for ourselves what happens so here is your warning...

Do NOT come onto this site and reveal ANYTHING about Deathly Hallows. If you do, you will be PERM MUTED AND BANNED. THIS IS YOUR...

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