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Deathly Hallows Trailer!

Here is a sneak peek at the first Deathly Hallows movie!

Deathly Hallows Preview 1

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Harry Potter's Birthday

As you can see by our Countdown to HP's Birthday, the day is drawing near. In celebration of this, we are having not one, but two raffles!

To enter, simply click on Candy Raffle on the left and use all those Bertie Bott's Beans you've been saving to buy your tickets!

As always,...

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New Day Timer

The live new day timer which counts down until the new game day is not working right now. The game days are still set to be 1h 30m and that IS functioning correctly- just the time displayed is off.

Each village has an in-game clock however and so when that reads 12:00am (midnight) the new...

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We are no longer choosing Prefects from each House. We have a new idea to use instead and we will announce it once the module has been completed.

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Bad Navs

If you get stuck in a bad nav, please PETITION and TELL US you are stuck.

Only a certain few of us can fix the bad navs and when you petition, they will get fixed faster. ONE petition is enough to let us know that you are stuck.

Do not get your friends to petition if you are stuck.

Do not...

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HBP Featurette

New featurette for HP and the Half-Blood Prince.

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This is a friendly reminder to all of you that think they can create another site like this one:

Do NOT come here and owl other players telling them to go check out your site, or so-and-so needs some help, or spread the word!, or it's JUST like OLD HL!

It's advertising,...

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Update from AislingBlack

Dear HLer's from AislingBlack:
My family and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone that showed their love and concern for my beautiful niece, Mikyla. If some of you don't remember or know the situation, Mikyla is 5 months old now but when she was 4 months old, we...

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Another NEW HP Trailer!

Here's a new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince due out later this year!

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Player Request

A longtime member of this site, AislingBlack, and her family would like to spread the word about her niece Mikyla.

Mikyla needs open heart surgery before she is 1 year old for two heart murmurs. She recently had the pinched aorta fixed but flat lined. They were able to revive this...

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