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Portkey to Devon Gone

The portkey to get to Devon has been removed from HogwartsLive. Just as with Episode 1, the portkey was located in Trelawney's Orb. This time when you attempted to touch the portkey you were asked a multiple choice question. The question was "What Deli Restuarant was the first...

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Registration closed... temporarily

Welcome to all the new users (and some duplicates, yes we know you) who registered during open registration today, Registration is now closed. Now that registration is closed the limit for concurrent users has been raised back to the previous 125 users at a time.

We will re-open registration...

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WizardCast Episode 2

Ok the information about WizardCast Episode 2 was lost in the various rollbacks, so here it is again.

WizardCast Episode 2 is on the air, finally!

If you have itunes, Subscribe!

If you do not have iTunes, you can download Episode 2 of WizardCast and play it with any MP3 Player. If you want to...

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Missing Donator Points and Deleted Accounts

If you lost donator points on your account because of the rollback please owl or email me. If you need donator points refunded include the email address you used to send the donation along with the time and date of the transaction; I will manually add your donator points. If your account was...

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Alright, get back to playing

Ok people, I didn't end up rolling back again after all, I'm hoping this will be the end of the problems, I've reconfigured the server completely. As a precaution, I'm still keeping the registrations closed for a couple days while I watch the server status closely, when we are...

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Service announcement from the staff.

This is a public service announcement from the staff of We apologize for the fact that we've had to roll the database back a few times now, but there have been some severe server problems trying to fix this server. We are not purposely deleting your users, we are trying...

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Edmund's Alchemy

Because of the server rollbacks Edmund's Alchemy Lab is temporarily closed, once we have the database repaired we will reopen the shop and you can return to it the same way you found it before (with the clues from Episode 2 of WizardCast) and as a special bonus to help ease the pain of all...

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Server Rollback

The site had to be rolled back once again. Everyone who leveled over the past few days will notice that their stats were set back. This happened to everybody and everybody will have to redo what was lost. Please do not send in any more petitions regarding losing progress.

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