Service announcement from the staff.

This is a public service announcement from the staff of We apologize for the fact that we've had to roll the database back a few times now, but there have been some severe server problems trying to fix this server. We are not purposely deleting your users, we are trying to keep the data as intact as possible. That said, everything is royally screwed up right now. We will have to do at least one more roll back of the database in order to restore any missing characters. If you registered a new character in the last 3 days, that character is gone, we are sorry, but that character is gone
We are trying to repair the damage to the server and make it stable again and we want to do only one more roll-back if at all possible, to that end:

1.We will be rolling the system back again tomorrow or this weekend.

2. The create a new character is taken down until these problems are sorted out.

3. Only 125 people will be allowed on the server at anytime. (This does not mean that your name will be deleted. Just that only 125 people can be logged in at once.)

4. The timeout time has also decreased so that people who are idle won't take up one of those 125 slots.

5. To help keep the server load down, the reset script that knocks everyone offline twice a day will, for the time being, be run at 23 minutes past the hour, every hour, keeping the database clean and memory usage as low as possible until these problems are resolved.

6. If you have donated during this and have not received your points or you donate before the server reset again please email your amount, date, and HL name to

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but we are working as hard as we possibly can to make this game work well for you, the players

Please remember that we (the staff) are people with feelings and lives also and are doing the best that we can possibly do.

Thank you and please remember to forget where the petition button is if you are dealing with any of these problems. We are working to get everything right the best that we can.

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