Portkey to Devon Gone

The portkey to get to Devon has been removed from HogwartsLive. Just as with Episode 1, the portkey was located in Trelawney's Orb. This time when you attempted to touch the portkey you were asked a multiple choice question. The question was "What Deli Restuarant was the first segment of this episode Recorded From?" The answer, as anyone who listened to the beginning of Episode 2 of WizardCast knows, is Schlotsky's Deli ("Funny name, serious sandwhich").

Once you entered the town of Devon you could find a blue link to Edmund's Alchemy Lab. Once you entered my lab you were asked what the prize of the episode was. I stated in the closing sequence to WizardCast Episode 2 that the prize for this episode was a sample of the Elixer of Life. Which 182 of you received (Congratulations).

Once you answered that you wanted the Elixer of Life, you were asked a third trivia question, you were asked "In what city did Nick and Barbara meet up with me (Alchemist Mike Crim)?" The answer to this question of course was "Phoenix, AZ" where Episode 2's Alchemy Lab segment was recorded from.

Congratulations to the 182 people who found their way to my lab in Devon. You 182 people will continue to be able to enter my Lab and get to Devon for 2 more days, before Devon will be locked to you as well.

If you didn't get a chance to enter my lab this episode, don't fret, a brand new episode of WizardCast is coming soon, subscribe via iTunes, or visit the official WizardCast website at wizardcast.wizards.pro to find out more about WizardCast and to find out when Episode 3 comes out.

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