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What is your favorite Harry Potter fan site?

Sorry if your favorite fan site is not listed, these are just sites I find useful and use regularly.

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New Features

What feature do you want most on Hogwarts Live? Some of these already exist but are down for now.

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The Clan Wars!

There are two teams; one dark, and one light, the team with the most points wins (there are prizes for the clans on the winning side)! Let the clan wars begin!!!

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Pay attention to this message.

"All around, the place is quiet.. warily awaiting what will come. People await the next war... surreptitiously arming themselves.
The Oracles predict that the war will commence on or around June 27, 2005 Real World Time (RWT)."

What does this mean? A war is coming on June 27! DUH! Get...

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Alas the war has ended.

The great war between Light and Dark has come to a close. Peace shall reign throughout the magical world, that is until the next war...

Light points: 93346
Dark points: 36591

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Welcome to the new server

Welcome everyone to the new and improved server. HogwartsLive and has been successfully moved to it's new home. We may still have more upgrades to come in the upcoming weeks to get it fully functional, but the server transfer itself is now complete.

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Should we allow repeat offenders to keep their accounts?

Should we allow repeat offenders to keep their accounts? That is after they have been permanently banned (which is really difficult to get) and decide they wish to change their ways? I consider cussing to be one of the most serious offenses that can be committed such as spam, sexual harassment, and...

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Favorite Harry Potter site?

What is your favorite Harry Potter site or the Harry Potter site you frequent most regularly?

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Election Time on Hogwarts Live

Hello students of Hogwarts Live its election time at our fair site so go to the forums and cast your vote. The voting is on the staff and a YES or NO by each name is all that is needed. We do not need any commentary on your vote or why you are voting that way. So if you don’t vote then you...

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The Topic of Rape

Attention Game Players of Hogwarts Live…

Once again the topic and the act of cyber rape have surfaced on our majestic site. We would hope that you would know and realize that rape in real life or even on a game is not an appropriate action but for those of you who do not I am writing...

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