The Topic of Rape

Attention Game Players of Hogwarts Live…

Once again the topic and the act of cyber rape have surfaced on our majestic site. We would hope that you would know and realize that rape in real life or even on a game is not an appropriate action but for those of you who do not I am writing this to let you know in writing that it is in FACT not a topic that should be done on this site and will cause you to be banned from the site. What this means? Well it means do not run around touching, kissing, doing other things to people who have not agreed to do these things with you. If you think you might like someone then use the flirt area available to you in Maddam Puddlefoots located in the Great Hall. So once again just to make double and extra sure we all understand. IF you cyber rape someone you will be banned from the site. We also would prefer that the topic of rape is not talked about in the open chat areas if you feel that you must discuss this topic then do so in owls.

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